About Us

 About Whispering Oak 

Whispering Oak is a local kombucha company that creates small batches using old fermentation methods. We proudly age our kombucha in American oak barrels. We chose this method because microbes love porous wood & the barrels create a perfect environment for microbes to thrive. Each flavor is thoughtfully crafted to use locally grown produce when available, while offering live cultured beverages rich in healthy bacteria, acids and enzymes.
Fermented beverages are best when they contain locally beneficial bacteria, which is present in our kombucha. Our goal & mission is to maintain a low carbon footprint & maintain sustainability by composting used tea & herbs, using food scraps in other ways, reuse packaging filling & cardboard boxes & most importantly reuse glass bottles. 




We strive to stay true to ancient methods in the art of fermentation. We do not pasteurize or use concentrates that would otherwise disrupt naturally occurring bacteria.


About the Owner
Nella Fusco, owner and founder of Whispering Oak Kombucha is a New England girl that has grown roots in Florida since 2015. After a long battle with many digestive issues, she discovered Kombucha, and quickly learned the power of Kombucha as a probiotic and gut rebuilder. Through Kombucha alone, Nella's healing journey had began and years of western medication were no longer needed. Her mission is to provide the local, and not-so-local community with a truly fermented and craft Kombucha that will balance and rebuild your biodome. Through the use of herbs and medicinals, she is dedicated to creating 'functional' kombucha, to aid in the healing of the body.